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International Freight Forwarding

Sea freight is the process of transporting cargo across the ocean on large cargo ships. Cargo can be shipped either in the form of a full-container-load (FCL), in which either a 20-footer or 40-footer container is rented for the cargo to be loaded on and delivered to the ship; or in the form of less-than-container-load (LCL), in which the cargo will be consolidated with other cargoes to fill up a container.

Our sea freight team has several years of experience in shipping and services related to maritime transportation. With our good contacts and rapport with terminal operators / authorities in port operations, you are assured of a smooth transition of your cargoes, whether inbound or outbound as follows:

  1. Door-to-Door service (FCL & LCL) from overseas shipper to Malaysia consignee or vice versa;
  2. Door-to-Door service (FCL & LCL) to East Malaysia or vice versa;
  3. We are a licensed authorized Custom Broker in Port Klang, we manage custom clearance processes to ensure smooth transition.
  4. We arrange transloading in Free Zone warehouse (PKFZ) and re-export to overseas.
  5. Able to make arrangements for special equipment, low loader lorry, crane service etc.
  6. Provide Marine Insurance, if needed.