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How prepare / calculate your courier shipment weight in your fingertips

Step 1

Please weight and measure your shipment. If you are send a large but lightweight parcel, where its volumetric (dimension) weight exceeds its actual weight, the cost of shipment is calculated on space your consignment takes up to the aircraft.

Formula calculation volumetric weight for courier:

Compare your volumetric weight and your cargo actual weight whichever higher, the chargeable weight will be taken the higher weight. Any piece shipment will/ may be re-weighted and / or re-measured by warehouse to confirm this calculation.

Step 2

All shipment sent need to have fully completed waybill or label securely attached to each piece. This will enable to successful movement of your shipment. If you sent non-document, your shipment also needed prepare custom documentation, such as commercial or proforma invoice, as well as additional paperwork depending on the contents and value of the shipment and the country you are sending to.